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Date:   30 January, 2011  
Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs & rabbits
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
First written: 28 Feb 2004
30 January, 2011 
Be Kind To Pets
Veterinary Education
Project 2010-0129
Singapore dog - right ear swollen with blood - AURAL HAEMATOMAAural haematoma is rarely seen in small canine breeds as they are more common in large breeds. The Papillon Cross dog (left) kept scratching his right ear for several months.  His back half was itchy resulting in more scratching and a change in the colour of skin spots from light brown to black, giving him a two-tone body.  The hairs on this black spotted back did not grow long enough as it would be traumatized. 

Finally, the right ear flopped due to a big swelling in the inside surface of the ear.   It is called an aural haematoma.  The big blood vessels inside the ear flap burst and form a big clot. General anesthesia and surgery were need to remove the clot.  Will the ear then be able to stand up as it used to do so?  The veterinarian cannot guarantee this.  

It will be best to check with your veterinarian early what irritates your pet, saving a lot of pain and anguish for yourself, not forgetting the expenses in having to tranquilize, anaesthetize and operate on the ear.
10-year old Silkie, chronic ear pain and itch

Older dogs need more care. The 10-year old Silkie Terrier has a drooping right ear. It is an aural haematoma.
Complaint: Hair loss on bridge of nose below right eye.  Caused by persistent scratching by paws.  Was it a tumour?

1.  Aural haematoma (small lump at tip of ear). 
Right ear droop - blood clot inside ear.
2.  Both ear canals have black pigmentation indicating a long lasting itch.   Excessive wax and clotted blood.  Ear irrigated.
3.  Small skin wart above eye (removed, stitches seen).
4.  Tartar on molar teeth removed but teeth still in good condition.

Do spare some time to check your older pets, especially those with ear problems.   Otherwise, the persistent scratching leads to bleeding inside the ear pinnae and cause blood clots to form and the ear itself to droop as seen in
this Silkie.

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Be Kind To Pets
Veterinary Education
Project 2010-0129
Singapore Riverside 48 condos - higher floors have waterfront views Completed around April 2000. A waterfront development in downtown, near Robertson & Clarke Quays and within walking distance to the UE Square shopping mall. Around 15-minute walk to Raffles Place subway but there are buses.

33 studios 
63-83 sq. m
10 storeys
Mixed development along Singapore River with retail on first floor, a recreation club called Green Club on the 2nd and 3rd floor in the podium block and apartments from 4th - 10th Riverside 48 faces the sparkling green Singapore Riverfloor.  Some apartments above the 6th floor have tranquil views of the clean and green Singapore River.

Light-coloured marble flooring in the living and dining area and parquet flooring for the bedrooms.  One powder room and one bedroom with an attached bathroom.

Characterized by an extremely spacious master bathroom, with larger than usual white porcelain dual basins. White long bath and white bidet.  In some studios, the master bathroom is at least 30% as large as the master bedroom.  A few units have very small kitchens. Audio-visual intercom. Ducted air conditioning ducts instead of hanging units.

Smeg branded oven, electric cooker, stainless steel sink. the washing machine and dryer may be located in the kitchen.

Some living areas are curved, e.g. #08-02, 73 sq. m, corner unit has Clarke Quay and River View from master bedroom.  Can't open high windows of master bedroom. 

#07-01, 77 sq. m, faces apartments, has a squarish living and dining area.

#09-09, 688 sq. ft. Curved living and dining area. 

Facilities. Nil.
The adjoining Green Club facilities may be available.  There is a basement car park. 24-hour security.


Waterfront living in downtown.
Low density. Centre of action.  Single expats who love pubs, want to live near cafes, food and beverage joints of Robertson & Clarke Quays and who want to sleep till 30 minutes before going to the office at Raffles Place or Suntec City. 

Taxi fares to Raffles Place or Suntec City estimated to be $5.00 per trip.  No problem getting a taxi in this prime downtown area.

Shuttle bus to City Hall subway provided by the UE Square Shopping Mall, a 3-minute walk away. 

The UE Square Shopping Mall has a well stocked supermarket

A chance to meet other young expats and locals.  Many eating and famous drinking joints are available at the Mohd Sultan Roads too.  These joints are favoured by young expats and locals.

Outside the restricted zone, so the Tenants or visitors need not pay the electronic road pricing charges in going to the apartment.

No pool, tennis court or gym.
City views from unit facing the back of the Singapore River. 

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