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21 Feb 2012   

Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes.  Rent or Investment
YOU WANT to rent or buy Singapore homes? Email details of your specifications  to or Tel: +65 9668 6468, 6254 3326, 9668 6469; Fax: +65 6256 0501 for viewing or updates. Email or fax house-hunting form to us at 6256-0501 and we will contact you within 24- 48 hours.
Spanish Village
56-68 Farrer Road. Freehold. 226 units. Completed: 1987.

Low rise 4-storey buildings. Suits Caucasian families who want spacious living areas and be near Holland Village. 5 minute-drive to Orchard Road and Tanglin Shopping Mall. Some units are rented as serviced apartments. 

3 bedroom apartments, 1600 - 2,045 sq ft, renting from $4,600 to $4,700 fully furnished.

Facilities: Swimming pool, tennis court and gym.

Studio: 65-73 sq. m
2-bedroom: 106-109 sq. m
3-bedroom: 103-220 sq. m.

The corner unit of the 3-bedroom 1,780 sq. ft has an extra  bigger balcony at the side

Spanish Village has big lap pool. View from Block 60. Pool from big balcony of bedroom 2, Block 60
Spacious living areas and big balcony of 3-bedroom corner unit. Big balcony off the master bedroom
Spacious living and dining area Large balcony off the master bedroom

Rental rates vary. Not possible to provide latest info in this webpage. E-mail or sms/tel +65 9668-6468 for latest info.

tel: +65 9668 6468,  
1.  Please CONFIRM with your company and the human resource manager as to whether you are permitted to use realtors (outside realtors) to book/lease apartments for you. You may have to let your company know that you wish to use outside realtors if you feel you receive unsatisfactory service from company realtors. However many Singapore human resource managers have firm policies stopping you from doing so. 

2.  Please note that we do NOT provide telephone numbers of Serviced apartments or any of the Singapore condos and developments to expats/overseas callers phoning us wanting to know name/tel of the developer or tenant. 

Please do NOT phone 9668 6468 or get persistent/irritated trying to get the tel numbers. Our answering service operator doesn't have them personally. He just takes down your name and telephone number and gets the realtors to contact you later after finding the rates for you.

Our agents provide a FREE service to expats/secretaries needing serviced apartments without the hassle of booking themselves and doing the paperwork. They contact the operators of Serviced apartments, get the best rate and book for the expats. We don't bring expats to view the units of any serviced apartments unless expats are willing to pay a service fee of S$300.  Please try NOT to abuse this service if you just wish to shop around for the lowest rate and then book the apartments yourself or with your own agent.

3. Re-send your e-mail if there is no reply. gets 4,000 junk mails daily and these have taken up the allotted space from the service provider. Your e-mail may bounce back to you in such cases.


Expats/Secretaries or INSEAD students wanting us to book Redwood West or Redwood Central for less than 6 months will have to pay an administrative fee of S$200/apartment booked to Asia USA Realty in advance. 
Fees will be $50 per person if there is a large group booking, e.g. 50 persons sharing apartments. A direct bus brings students to INSEAD in less than 5 minutes.

Services include advices on tenancy agreement, faxing, email, trunk calls and lots of liaison work with the management to ensure that you have the apartment when you reach Singapore. No apartment viewing is included in this service.

E-mail or tel/sms +65 9668-6468 for latest updates and terms and conditions.

Case study:
House-hunting report written: August 2000

Time is of the essence.
Training article for realtors.

Expats must be pro-active to effect closure, as the office bureaucracy can be cumbersome.   Rental realtors to be aware of the safety of toddlers in high rises.

"My boss says that none of the expats stay less than one year in the history of the company.  It was a multi-national American company with big offices in Orchard Road and the boss was an expat.  The expat was given a one-year employment contract and a housing allowance.

So, was there a chance of the boss approving a 2-year lease for this brand Melrose Park 4-bedroom apartment renting $6,000 per month for 2 years?   The wife simply loved the newness, the white long bath, a separate bedroom with an attached bath big enough for a bed. It was a low floor with green tree views and facing the fitness area and a church's car parking lot.  She saw a unit in Block 2 but the 4th bedroom was too small for bed as the apartment has a hallway.  The Developer had only released a handful of units.  There was a 4-bedroom in Block 2 facing a gorgeous Fort Canning View rented for $7,700.  Few Owners wanted to rent for one year.

Melrose Park is a $5.00 taxi ride to the Ngee Ann City office although one may walk.   The Great World Shopping Centre has shuttle buses to the Orchard subway. Best of all, it had the supermarket and retail shops for the mother of a toddler.

The boss said no.  A 2-year lease could be terminated at the 14th month of occupancy if the expat has to leave the company as there is a diplomatic clause to break lease.   This means that the company would have to rent 2 additional months for this expat, i.e. 14 months if the employee finishes his contract at the 12th month. 

The expat wanted to settle down fast so that he could do his job.  He also wanted his wife to be happy in Singapore. It was Melrose Park or nothing.  At a house-hunting for a toddler-safe apartment at $6,000,  the wife did not like the "old" grey and white kitchen cabinets of Palm Spring which is a low rise condo further away from the downtown.  Melrose Park's kitchen, it was love at first sight.

What are the solutions?

1.  Offer a higher rent of $6,200.  The Landlord wanted $6,500.

2.  Rent the 3+study+maid of 1550 sq. ft, but the 4-bedroom unit seen was bigger by 100 sq. ft and had a proper 4th bedroom.

3.  Wait for more units to be released.  But the expat prefer to move out of the serviced apartment fast and he had to travel outside Singapore.  He had to pay for the serviced apartment from his housing allowance and it was not cheap.
It took over 4 days before the Landlord agrees to the $6,200 partially furnished offer.  

A Letter of Intent was downloaded from the expat's computer as he had asked the realtor for one the previous day.  It was given to the Company's human resource manager.   She said she would not sign a "blank cheque" till the Landlord has signed it first.  This was what she practised with other expats.   However she did sign as the expat wanted to start the tenancy in 7 days' time. 

No, she would not have the good faith deposit cheque within 24 hours.  It would take time.  The expat had only Australian Dollar cheques and therefore this would not be useful. 

The Letter of Intent was rushed to the Landlord's lawyer with a cheque from the realtor.   

Time is of the essence in rental of new and popular condos.  The expat was proactive, but the office administration frustrated him.

Would he get the Melrose Park unit?  Only when the Landlord's  tenancy agreement is approved by his company.  The Letter of Intent was subject to contract and if the company created some objections to the tenancy agreement terms, it would lapse and the good faith deposit be returned.

Many cases are lost due to the cumbersome office administration.  The fastest case I had was closed in 9 hours.  The expat husband was very proactive and the office administrator was really good in the case of  You are my everything.

In conclusion, expats relocating to Singapore must try and negotiate for a 2-year lease to give them the flexibility of choices to negotiate a lower rental. 

Was the Melrose Park apartment safe for the toddler?  At one viewing, the young lady co-broking agent opened the sliding doors of the living area to let the breezes in.  The expat mother was checking out the rooms.

The toddler sat down on the edge with her legs on the plantar box (a small rectangular plant area just on the edge of the living room).  She was as fast as that.  I quickly pulled her in.  Rental realtors have to be aware of toddlers and not open sliding doors without keeping an eye on the young ones.  They are lightning explorers and climbers. 
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