9511Singapore real estate, three bedroom for $3500 apartments educational stories for asiahomes.com realtors, March 3, 2001. Excerpts from "The Internet Realtors, Singapore", sponsored by  AsiaHomes Internet.

To go house hunting or not?

"I want to rent a new three bedroom condo fully furnished for $3,500. It must be near Orchard Road, subway or a short bus ride to Centrepoint Shopping Mall. Do you have any available?" said the prospective expatriate lady. 

She had seen condos with other agents and was close to making a decision on a shortlist of 3 (see below).  I was feeling uneasy.  Should I show her more apartments, knowing that it will not be easy to find something matching her specifications and her shortlist?

New condos are always on the minds of 99% of the relocating expatriates. I did not have much to offer at $3,500, a rental budget below market rates for good downtown new 3-bedroom condos. A budget of $4,500 to $5,000 would have been good, but then, she would not have the need to contact me for help. The first day was uneventful. The expatriate cancelled the 2nd day appointment as she probably had decided on the shortlist. 

I took this difficult case and lost out.  The apartments shown did not fit her specifications and did not have a good-sized gym.  It is part of the up and down of this rental business.  I win sometimes. I lose sometimes. However, I had the opportunity to see the 14-unit new St Thomas Ville apartment project.  Maybe, another expatriate will find this suitable?

Tips for new www.asiahomes.com Realtors

You will need to use your judgment as to whether you will accept a new case as you will have to spend time and money with no revenue generated.  Many expatriates in 2001 use multiple realtors and the internet to get what they want. Therefore, if you dream of being the exclusive one, you may as well not be in this rental business as a self-employed agent.

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04 Mar 2001

House hunting for a new 1200 sq. ft
downtown 3-bedroom
at $3,500 fully furnished.
Is it mission impossible?


Most condos are described in:
Subdivision rentals

St Thomas Ville.

New St Thomas Ville, near Somerset subway & Orchard Road.

Circular high windows of the living area of St Thomas Ville. 
38 St Thomas Walk.
Completed: 2001.
14 units. 3-bedrooms. 1200 sq. ft.

2 units per floor. Front and back apartments.

A small balcony in the master and 2nd bedroom in the front units while back unit has balcony only in the living area.

Pool and basement car parking.
White Elba gas cooker, hood and hob. City gas.

Cable in master and living area. Cream marble flooring in curved living area. Bright. Full windows.
7-min walk to Orchard Road. Near Somerset subway. 24 units only.  Brand new.
Monday Feb 6, 2001
3-bedroom $3,000 - $3,500, Newer condos
Young Indian American couple.  The pregnant wife wants new, near subway or public transport within 30 minutes to Orchard Road.

Meet at Marriott Hotel. 

12 noon.  
Cavenagh Fortuna 3+1 1200 sq. ft $3500. Modern. 2 years old. Big balcony on ground floor. Pastel wooden board and cream living area. Audiovisual intercom. No facilities. 5-min walk to Starhub Building at Orchard Road. Security and basement car park only. Low density, 4 storey.

St Thomas Ville 3+1 1200 sq. ft $3,500. 

Great location. 8-min walk to Somerset subway & Orchard Road. Pool and basement car parking only. 

12.30 p.m.
Huntington 3+1 1044 sq. ft $3,000. Discovered that the kitchen has NO counter top space for chopping food. Owner proposed a drop down table opposite sink or above sink. Brand new. 3-min walk to Novena subway. 

Peppermint Grove 3+1 1000 sq. ft $3,000. Maisonette with 2 bedrooms with attached bath upstairs. One bedroom downstairs.  Pool. 5-min walk to Novena subway. 
No visitor's car can get into car park without the owner being present. 2 years old. 3rd floor and attic. No elevator.

Dunearn Garden 3+1 1200 sq. ft $3,500. Full condo facilities. 5-min walk to Newton subway.

Dormer Park 3+1 1300 sq. ft $2,500. Not near subway.

Tuesday Feb 7, 2001

Dunearn Garden 3+1 1200 sq. ft $3,500. Full condo facilities. 5-min walk to Newton subway. Blk 16, 7th floor.

Dunearn Garden 3+1 1700 sq. ft $3,500. Full condo facilities. 5-min walk to Newton subway.

Dunearn Garden 3+1 1700 sq. ft $3800. Full condo facilities. 5-min walk to Newton subway.

Kellot Court 3+1 1356sq. ft $3,000. Near Great World Shopping Mall. 2 years old.

Claremont 3+1 1205 sq. ft $3,600. 3-min walk to Somerset subway.  Brand new. Pool and small gym. Security and basement car park.  Facing road, but extremely popular with expats.

Mutiara View 3+1 1200 sq. ft $3200.  Brand new.

Surrey Court 4+1 1500 sq. ft $3,300 - $4,000. Near Novena subway.  Brand new.  

Hullet Rise 3-bedroom $3,800. 2-year old. Near Somerset subway.

The Anchorage 3+1 1507 sq. ft $4,200. 10-min walk to Queenstown subway.

Olina Lodge 3-bedroom $3,000. Off Holland Road.

Appointments cancelled by prospective Tenant in the morning. 


Fell in love with Cavenagh Fortuna's spacious floor plan and pastel colours but there is no condo facilities and she wants a  gym.
The wife liked the Gallop Gables (2-bedroom only), The Bencoolen Residence (more than $3,500, brand new) and Casafina 1600 sq.ft (new, too far in East Coast) seen with another agent.   All have good sized gyms.

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