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Emerald Hill, Cairnhill
and a August 29 2000 house hunting report for houses with big living areas.
Last updated: 26 Oct 2002

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House-hunting Rentals

Emerald Hill, Cairnhill shophomes for rent

Emerald Hill, Cairnhill shophome: Indoor car garage $10,000 rent
Emerald Hill, Cairnhill shophome $10,000.  Your own car park lot inside house and some space for 2nd car outside garage.  Nearer Cairnhill Road.  Some units facing the expressway may be noisier but occupancy rates are very high.

Emerald Hill, Cairnhill upscale heritage shophome $20,000 rent
Sep 6 01. FOR RENT.
Emerald Hill, Cairnhill shophome 4-bedroom $20,000. Roof top terrace garden and upscale finishes.   Your own car park lot.

Emerald Hill, Cairnhill shophomes renting from $8,000
Emerald Hill, Cairnhill shophomes for rent. 2 or 3-bedroom units for rent at $8,000.

Emerald Hill, Cairnhill shophomes mid way between Orchard Road and Cairnhill Road.  Paid car parking lot outside the house.

A beautiful 3-bedroom Emerald Hill, Cairnhill shophouse
8 good Chinese characters from a Chinese language professor on the door to wish the expatriate tenant a stellar career and good prosperity in Singapore.

Is she a real bride or an advertiser's bride?
Emerald Hill, Cairnhill shophomes are incredibly romantic backdrop for  Singaporean brides (one in the picture), advertisers and young single Caucasians.

These houses are 2 or 3-bedroom nearer to Orchard Road and the pubs. Some expats don't mind the noise and the lack of privacy living opposite the pub! 5 Units renting at $8,000, $9,000 and $15,000.

Rentals for Emerald Hill, Cairnhill shophomes vary considerably from $7,000 for original conditioned ones to $20,000 for the upscale ones.  The great advantage is proximity to shopping centres in Orchard Road and a short walk to the Orchard subway.

ROMANTIC EXPATRIATES who love history and conservation homes, 

email judy@asiahomes.com or tel: +65 9668 6468, 6254 3326, 6254 2728 for appointments to view. 

Blair Road 4+1 $9,000. 3-storey spacious conservation shophome.
Near to Chinatown and 5-min drive to Raffles Place.

Kim Yam Road shophome 3-bedroom, 1600 sq. ft  $4,000, $5,000. 3 units.

Niven Road shophome 3-bedroom $3,800.

for references
House hunting on
Tue Aug 29 00.

The Draycott
4-bedroom 2800 sq. ft $10,000
3+1 2800sq. ft $10,600

Leonie Condotel
3+1 2560 sq. ft $13,000. P-type.

The Claymore
3+1. Renovated.  $13,500

Saunders Road  Conservation shophome, next to Emerald Hill, Cairnhill Road.
4+1 4500sq. ft built in, 2200 sq. ft land. $12,000

Emerald Hill, Cairnhill Conservation shophome 4-bedroom 4000 sq. ft $14,000

Cairnhill Road Conservation shophome with big balcony, 4-bedroom renovated. $10,000. Big attic room.

Singapore. Pretty Cairnhill Road Conservation Shophomes from $8,000 rentals

Sommerville Park upper maisonette
4+1 2507 sq. ft
Well laid out spacious rooms and big balcony.

Jewel of Balmoral
Brand new.
Penthouse duplex
3+1 2650 sq. ft $12,000.
Private terrace over 300 sq. ft, greenery.  Dining area may be small. 

Barker Road bungalow
5+1 7000/4500sq ft, $11,000

The Balmoral Spring
brand new penthouse 3014 sq. ft.

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