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29 Jan 2003
Focus:  We get for you affordable Singapore homes.  Rent or Investment

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Wants: 4-bedroom, $7,000. Fully furnished. Modern condo.

Monday Jan 27 2003

1 pm Meet at Ritz Carlton

1.15pm UE Square 4+1 2300 sq ft $5,000. Blk A, 3rd floor. Disliked the office-look of this condo. High density condo not favoured.

1.30pm Aspen Heights 4+1 1600 sq ft $5,000. Blk 263, 09-21.

1.50pm Aspen Heights 4+1 1600 sq ft $5,000. Blk 263, 13th floor. Dislike the open encircling corridors linking all units, like a hotel.  High density condo not favoured.

2.15pm Valley Park 4+1 1808 sq ft $5,800. Blk 477, 14th floor. Too high for the wife. Pool views. High density condo not favoured.

2.45pm Melrose Park 4+1 1700 sq ft $6,000. Blk 93, 4th floor. Beautiful matching furniture in brown. Living area has city views and privacy as this unit does not face opposite units. Bright kitchen and a separate study room with the attached bath on one side. The couple liked this unit very much. The golf simulator room was interesting to the husband. The gym was spacious and facing the pool. Shops and mall across the road at Great World Shopping Centre. 

3pm Dormer Park 4+1 2400 sq ft $$7,000. Balcony.  Low density. Liked the big spacious living and dining areas and big bedrooms. Construction noises from a condo being built.  

3.15pm No. 1 Holt Road 4+1 1722 sq ft $6,000. 10-06. New. Faces River Valley Road. There is a unit facing the greenery on the 5th floor. A bit too high for the wife. Open concept kitchen brings light into kitchen. Study room has no big windows.

3.45pm  No. 7 Holt Road 4+1 2200 sq ft $6,000.  03-04. New. Liked the unit which faces greenery and the large Caucasian expat community. 

4.15pm Spring Grove 4+1 1787 sq ft $6,000. Blk 53B Low floor.  City views. Tennis court to the left. A small family area between two bedrooms. Master bedroom immediately to the right of the living area.  

Singapore. Nassim Park first floor with a large balcony but no garden below. 4.45pm Nassim Park 4+1 2100 sq ft $7,000. 17C.  First floor with large balcony. This unit is extremely well renovated and gives a good feel. It does not have the balcony opening down to the ground and a garden below unlike some units. The kitchen cabinets are lighter in colour unlike the original greyish ones provided by the developer.

Singapore. Nassim Park 4-bedroom 2nd floor with balcony 4.55pm Nassim Park 4+1 2034 sq ft $7,000. 17B. 2nd floor. Smaller balcony than above unit. 

Singapore - The Compass At Chancery - largest unit of 2600 sq ft 5.30pm The Compass at Chancery largest townhouse 4+1 2600 sq ft $7,000. Near Novena shops and subway. 20 units. Pool.  This last unit evoked a happy house feeling shared by  the wife and the husband. It seemed to be the best of the lot seen today. 

Tuesday Jan 28 2003

1 pm  Meet at the Ritz Carlton. Viewing cancelled as Monday's viewing gave at least 3 choices suitable to the expatriate couple with a baby.

1.15pm Holland Peak 5+1 2600 sq ft $6,000. More than 5 years old. Not so nice kitchen cabinets and bathrooms.

1.45pm Great Eastern Mansions 4+1 2100 sq ft $6,000 Blk 3, 03-04. Guard house. A large Caucasian expat community. Next to the Botanic Gardens.

2.30pm Queens penthouse $5,500. 30th storey. Brand new. Near Queenstown subway. Too high. High density condo with 3 blocks.

3pm The Trevose 4+1 1747 $5,500. New.
The Trevose penthouse 4+1 2130 sq ft $7,000. A short 3-min drive to Orchard Road. Favoured by Caucasians.

4pm The Waterside 4+1  2400 sq ft $6,000. No balcony. Best views of sea. 19th floor. Sea views. Did not want East Coast condos. 

4.45pm Pebble Bay 4+1 2239 sq ft 12th floor $7,000. Waterfront.  Did not want East Coast condos.

5pm Costa Rhu 4+1 2200 sq ft $6,500 Waterfront. 7th floor.  Did not want East Coast condos.

Above units are available for rent.  

Singapore's cluster townhouses - The Compass At Chancery Jan 27 2003CONCLUSION.  To this American couple from New York, the Compass At Chancery townhouses felt like home, with its staircases and serene surroundings. As the wife was afraid of heights, the condos above 5th floors are out.  As she was a competitive swimmer, she appreciated the Spring Grove's swimming pool which could be the Olympic length of 50 m at the midline. 
The Compass At Chancery suits Caucasian families with young children and who just want a pool for the small kids and be near Orchard Road schools like the Overseas Family School and the  International Singapore School.  One pre-school is within walking distance.  It is an alternative to high rise condo living with its crowds and noisy kids as this development has only 20 expatriate families if fully occupied. If the spouse is afraid of high rise apartment living, tel: +65 9668 6468 or for a good rental package deal.

Melrose Park with its newness and proximity to amenities was the first favourite. 

Singapore's Nassim Park with balcony and a garden belowNassim Park with its Austrian townhouse architecture, its large balcony and a large Caucasian children community and proximity to downtown Orchard Road and Tanglin Mall are hot favourites too.    

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