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Community Education Department: Be Kind To Pets

Update: 24 Aug 2003

Be Kind To Pets.  A Community Education project using  narrative stories with pictures, is sponsored by AsiaHomes Internet - we connect owners & agents to expatriates or foreign investors globally without costing you a bomb.  

The Yorkshire had 36.8 degrees Celsius !

"The rectal thermometer reads 36.8 degrees Celsius," the breeder said. "Is my Yorkshire bitch ready for Caesarian section?"

"How long has she been pregnant?" I asked.

"60th day. She has loose stools
for the last two days and her sublumbar muscles are relaxed."  

When the bitch is about to deliver, the muscles below the backbone near the hip relax so as to facilitate the birth of the puppy. 

I was attending a birthday party on this Saturday night. The party was in progress at 9 p.m.  If I advised waiting, it would be a midnight Caesarian and the puppies might not be alive sometimes.

The Yorkshire fell asleep within 5 minutes of the gas anaesthesia given in the mask.  All 3 puppies were breech presentation.  It was too slippery for my gloved hands to handle the puppies. I ruptured the water bag and pulled the puppies out by the backside. Two started to cry and this was a good sign. The third one was quiet and the breeder took some time to revive it.

This was the fastest Caesarian as the bitch was as small as a phone directory book.  The puppies were given directly to the breeder and his wife. 

All 3 puppies were nursing well on Sunday morning when I visited them at the Pasir Ris kennels.  Elective Caesarian certainly has been helpful in ensuring that the puppies were born alive at the right time and could thrive.         


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