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      Date:   18 November, 2010  
Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs & rabbits.

Toa Payoh Vets Clinical Research
Making veterinary surgery alive
to a veterinary student studying in Australia
using real case studies and pictures

Cases seen by Dr Sing more than 5 years ago
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS 
Be Kind To Pets
Veterinary Education
Project 2010-0129
First Written: 31 August, 2002
ate:  18 November, 2010
White tiger at Singapore Zoological Gardens goes fishing Cat hair mite under the microscope, Singapore    
Tiger at the Singapore Zoo. Dec 10 01. Hair mites cause itchiness in a white cat and a guinea pig.
A fit horse after anti-colic injections.  Singapore 12-year-old thoroughbred with spherical hoof tumour Pony breathes very fast when exposed to wood shavings  
The horse makes faces at the vet Nov 26 01. The horse with a golf-ball tumour Nov 26 01. The pony is allergic to wood shaving  
Singapore dwarf hamster - nose tumour and chest abscess Dwarf hamster with allergic rashes, Singapore  
Oct 28 01.  The dwarf hamster had itchy joints. Dec 15 02. The hamster has a globular chest. Dec 16 01.  The dwarf hamster has allergic rashes again.
Hamster, ventral dermatitis, Singapore Swollen closed left eye in dwarf hamster, Singapore    
Dec 24 01. Iodine can't stop the hamster's itch. Dec 20 01. The hamster has a swollen eye.
Singapore rabbit - sarcoptic mange on nose Singapore rabbit. One year old. Mites attacking ear, nose and feet for few weeks. Hyperactive white dwarf rabbit, Singapore  

Nov 20 01. The rabbit told lies, so he has a long nose.

Dec 29 02. Rabbit mange is curable. See your vet. Nov 16 01. The dwarf rabbit passes smelly wet stools.  
 Rabbit with eyeball prolapsed for more than 7 hours. Cause unknown.    
Dec 21 02.   Eye injuries are emergencies  Aug 9 02. Rabbit bites operation wound.    
Healthy spayed stray cat at Marine Parade beach, Singapore  Singapore male Siamese Cross cat with high fever

Dec 20 02. The cat who fights and never sleeps

Aug 11 02. Non-stop sneezing cats. Nov 29 01. The Persian cat had a high fever  
Singapore.  Kittens. Roundworms passed. Bloated stomach.      
Dec 24 01. The kittens passed roundworms & other animals.
  Singapore Japanese Chin. Head wound with kerosene. Imported Sheltie puppy with kennel cough, Singapore  
Dec 26 02. Senior dogs can live  longer lives. Dec 4 01. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel had kerosene on head wound. Dec 16 01. The new Sheltie pup was lethargic.
Singapore  5-year-old toy Fox Terrier inguinal area inflamed Seizures in a 2-month-old Sheltie - brain trauma? Singapore Shih Tzu 10 months - ulcerative keratitis  
Dec 12 02. The toy fox terrier has a blood-red belly Dec 11 02. The Sheltie puppy stares blankly

Nov 25 02. Was it too late for the mobile phone girl to save the eye?

King Charles Spaniel. Left ear canal with smelly pus Bichon Frise. Vertical ear canal operated on and opened up. Bull Terrier with lazy ear  
Nov 7 01. The Cavalier King Charles keeps shaking his head. Nov 3 01. The Bichon has smelly ears. Oct 28 01. Will the Bull Terrier's right ear stand up?
Singapore Shih Tzu with interdigital cysts Singapore King Charles Spaniel 8 months old coughing Singapore Shih Tzu - tear staining or epiphora  
Oct 28 01. The Shih Tzu chews its interdigital cysts. Nov 12 01. The Cavalier King Charles coughs very softly.

Nov 11 01. The adopted Shih Tzu would not eat dry food.

Healthy 3-month-old miniature Schnauzer, Singapore Singapore's Labrador dogs may need regular trimming Schnauzer - otitis externa, anal sacculitis, Singapore  
New puppy has diarrhoea Skin diseases in Labrador Retriever Aug 16 02. Pass the buck  
Boxer with itchy skin, Singapore Singapore silkie terrier with blackheads on skin Singapore Chihuahua puppy with kennel cough  
Aug 13 02. Skin itchy after boarding?

Nov 18 01. The Silkie Terrier had blackheads

Dec 4 01. The Chihuahua puppy had a runny nose  
Pekinese Cross, Singapore. 6 years old.  Skin scabs.  A popular dog transport van in 2001, Singapore Handsome Fox Terrier with left elbow swelling  
Dec 30 01. The Pek with the loose tongue Dec 27 01. The Alsatian played dead. Dec 25 01. The Fox Terrier has a capped elbow
Round worms are common in puppies.  Singapore Maltese, severe anaemia, passing blood in stools.  Singapore.  Spitz with pierced right upper lip.  Singapore  
Dec 20 01. The puppy has roundworms. Dec 19 01. The Maltese had white gums. Dec 19 01. The Spitz has hot lips.
  Labrador Cross - Quadraparesis. Can't stand up.  Singapore. Chihuahua with right anal sac abscess ruptured. Stitched. Singapore.  
  Dec 15 01. The Labrador can't stand up after seeing a vet. Dec 16 01. The Chihuahua may die, says the vet.  


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Black chihuahua puppies for sale at week 8, Singapore 9668-6468 Chihuahua emergency Caesarian 4 pups live, Singapore
Singapore-born, Chihuahua puppies for sale at week 8 Singapore-born, Chihuahua puppies for sale at week 8
White Chihuahua puppy for sale in Nov 2003, tel 9668-6468  
Singapore-born, Maltese puppies for sale at week 8

Big Maltese pup required Caesarian section
Singapore chihuahuas for sale/export,  +65 9668-6468 Singapore puppies for sale - Sep 03. Pekingese Singapore chihuahuas for sale/export,  +65 9668-6468  
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Be Kind To Pets
Veterinary Education
Project 2010-0129
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