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15 May, 2016
  Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, pet rats, rabbits & turtles
6186. Blog: How to trim the overgrown teeth using Dremel 300 cutting wheel
6185. Video: Guinea pig goes home. Advices on hard food Pt 7
6184. Video: Teeth have been trimmed short Pt 6
6183. Video: Anaesthesia on and off to trim teeth Pt 5
6182. Video: Dremel 300 cutting wheel burrs the teeth Pt 4
6181. Video: Preparing to trim the overgrown teeth Pt 2
6180. Video: A 4-year-old guinea pig eats less and less - extra overgrown front teeth
6179. Video: The 8-year-old Shih Tzu has lots of dandruff
6178. Video: Show and tell - lip commissure swelling and ulceration Pt 3
6177. Video: Gas anaesthesia consent from owner Pt 2
6176. Video: A mouth sweling may be mouth cancer, said the first vet. Pt 1
6175. Video shows the terrapin is eating Pt 6
6174. Video: Day 2 of hospitalisation. Pt 5
6173. Video: Day 2 of hospitalisation. Terrapin is sun-bathed. Appetite returns. Goes home. Pt 4
6172. Video: Day 1 of terrapin hospitalisation at Toa Payoh Vets Pt 3
6171. Video: No eggs seen in X-ray, only pebbles Pt 2
6170. Video: A 5-year-old terrapin has no appetite 3 days after ovocentesis, is being X-rayed Pt 1
6169. Video: Terrapin goes home Pt 3
6168. Video: Ovocentesis - treatment for egg binding in this terrapin Pt 2
6167. A terrapin has a formed egg stuck inside the cloaca Pt 1
6166. Video: Kitten vaccination Pt 2
6165. Video: Kitten vaccination at Queen's Vets Pt 1
6164. Video: The young poodle had Babesia canis 4 weeks ago and has recovered now Pt 2
6163. The Babesia canis poodle comes for a blood test Pt 1
6162. Video: A limping Schnauzer had bladder and urethral stones removed via the bladder Pt 1
6161. Video: Blood and urine collection Pt 2
6160. Video: A male cat had a blocked bladder Pt 1
6159. Video: A terrapin has swollen eyes and soft shell
6158. Video: Nasal melanomas Pt 2
6157. Video: A 13-year-old Westie has two melanomas near the nostrils
6156. Video: Eyeball removal dog survives anaesthesia and wakes up fast Pt 5
6155. Video: Just before enucleation Pt 4
6154. Video: Before enucleation Pt 3
6153. Video: Before left eyeball removal Pt 2
6152. Video: A 16-year-old shih Tzu has a left eyeball full of pus Pt 1
Left eye is badly infected with pus inside in 2016 (above images)
Left eye in 2010 was normal. No corneal ulcer.
Right eye is normal in 2016. Corneal scar (arrow) is due to descemetocoele 6 years ago, healed from my 3rd eyelid flap & tarsorrhaphy in 2010.  
6151. Blog: Anecdotal evidence of the effectiveness of 3rd eyelid flap and tarsorrhaphy in descemetocoele of a right eye. Enucleation of the left eye
6150. Video: A white Pom has hot spots - microscopy at Queen's Vets for ringworm
6149. Video: After excision of the lump Pt 2
6148. Video: A X-bred's left armpit lump is itchy - surgical removal Pt 1
6147. Video: An 11-month-old cat pees outside the litter box
6146. Video: The right anal sac has pus aspirated using a needle Pt 2
6145. Video: A 6-year-old poodle has a right anal sac abscess Pt 1
6144. Video: Yorkshire,Cavalier King Charles and Corgi puppies Pt 5
6143. Video: Yorkshire puppies look good Pt 4
6142. Video: Yorkshire puppies 8 days old Pt 3
6141. Video: 3-day-old Corgi puppies are OK. Pt 2
6140. Video: Follow up visit to Corgi dam 3 days after Caesarean section Pt 1
6139. Video: The Corgi is pink after Vit B drip
6138. Video: A Corgi had an emergency Caesarean section Pt 2
6137. Video: A 61st-day Corgi had difficulty giving birth to 7 puppies naturally
6136. Video: Queen's Road HDB near Farrer Park MRT for rent
6135. Video: Singapore's Financial District Apr 26, 2016 9 am
6134. Video: A 12-year-old Shih Tzu has multiple skin warts
6133. Video: A kitten under gas anesthesia Pt 2
6132. Video: A kitten has non-healing infected bite wounds on the neck Pt 1
6131. Video: An infected wound between shoulders in a poodle
6130. Video: Changi Airport, Singapore April 2016
6129. Video: A female cat has no appetite for 3 days - urinary tract infection
6128. Video: No more fever on Day 2. Pt 3
6127. Video: Anti-tick fever injection. Blood smear negative for Babesia Pt 2
6126. Video: A much loved Miniature Schnauzer has tick fever during boarding Pt 1
6125. Video: A terrapin has a penile prolapse
6124. Video: Skin scraping and hair examination Pt 2
6123. Video: A Shih Tzu X has scaly skin, swollen paws and anal sacculitis Pt 1
6122. Video: A poodle has very itchy elbow sores
6121. Video: A terrapin's extensive shell rot - maggots inside the wounds Pt 2
6120. Video: Grandmas's 3-year-old terrapin has extensive shell rot, algae and maggots
6119. Video: The Schnauzer has no fever after an Imizol injection Pt 2
6118. Video: An 8-year-old dog is lethargic after boarding for 2 days at a commercial boarding kennel Pt 1
6117. Video: Terrapin's plastron is not bleeding Pt 7
6116. Video: Treating the shell rot of the bigger terrapin Pt 6
6115. Video: How Toa Payoh Vets treat shell rot Pt 5
6114. Video: Shell rot treatment in terrapins Pt 4
6113. Video: Shell rot in 2 sibling terrapins Pt 3
6112. Video: Shell rot and bleeding Pt 2
6111. Video: Two 2-year-old terrapins have swollen eyes and shell rot Pt 1. History taking
6110. Video: Sex hormone dermatosis in a 9-year-old, not spayed female Chihuahua
WARNING: Case studies, blogs & videos  may contain surgical clips. Viewer discretion is advised for the following links:
1.  Final Edited Be Kind to Pets Veterinary Educational Videos of cases seen at Toa Payoh Vets. 2. Giving Back to the Community by Dr Sing Kong Yuen @ Toa Payoh Vets: Be Kind To Pets.

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