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Useful links for startups:

There are numerous interesting sites for start-ups, especially if
you need to understand your market or access competitors' moves and products information or simply need to screen industry information.

Companysleuth at http://ww.companysleuth.com
will give you information a bout a company's trademarks, patents, domain names, financial, hiring policy, news, description etc...

Dun and Bradstreet http://www.dnb.com
will give you financial
information even about private companies

Gurunet http://www.gurunet
allows you in one click point to the
company you are interested in and have the information popping up

Hoovers at http://www.hoovers.com
will give you company profiles,
list of competitors in an industry and all details about the
management team including their email.

The Informant http://informant.dartmouth.edu
is a free service that
will save your favorite search engine queries and web sites, check
them periodically, and send you email whenever there are new or
updated web pages.

Netmind http://mindit.netmind.com/view.shtml%20
is a free service
that notifies visitors of relevant changes to your Web site via
email and brings them back to view these changes.

Boutell' morning paper http://www.boutell.com/morning
visits your favorite web sites every so often to find out what's
new, and presents a summary of what's new on each page as part of a
"newspaper" which it displays in your web browser.

Sonador's Automated free Usenet Service http://www.sonador.com/News
searches Usenet newsgroups for a set of keywords you specify. The
header and body of each newsgroup posting in your chosen newsgroup
is scanned for your keywords, and if a match is found, the article
is emailed to you. The integrity of attachments is maintianed. The
Service searches your groups once each day, and remembers the
articles it has already sent you. You may specify a maximum number
of emails you will get in any one day, to prevent your mailbox from
getting mailbombed.

Dejanews http://www.deja.com/
allows you to search
for specific newsgroups, to search for a company's employees
discussions on the Web, or track a specific keyword. My Deja
feature allows you to automatically track what is of interest to
you. You can either view the results on your browser, or receive
the news discussions by email. Discussions are logged for five years.

Net2One http://www.net2one.com/
for the French language news allows
you to pre-secreen industry sources or specific magazines, and to
receive in your email the links to the articles published in those
sources. The product is still in beta-test.

Egosurf http://www.egosurf.com/
also an InGenius Technology, is a
search engine that will search for information relating to a
psarticular person.


Other useful links:

June 6, 2000 update:
has links to free software e.g  free counters, cgi mail for webmasters.

How well does your website work?

Rent a virtual desktop.

Getting married?  Website reported to have 250,000 visitors/month.

June 26 00:

Article 1.  Hits, clicks and other terms.
Article 2.  Tap the unique visitors from non-English speaking clients for your product/service, using translation software.
Article 3.  Fundamentals for a successful business.

June 27 00: The Sharper Image - Bringing retailer's "fun" brand online successfully online

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