THIS TENANCY AGREEMENT MADE this ________ day of _______Two Thousand and ____ (200   ) BETWEEN
 ..................., NRIC No. ................,  of ........................................Singapore .......... (hereinafter called "the Landlord" which expression shall where the context so admits include its successors and assigns) of the one part AND 

Passport No/NRIC No. ...............,   No..................................................... 

(hereinafter called "the Tenant" which expression shall where the context so admits include its successors and permitted assigns) of the other part.


1. The Landlord lets and the Tenant takes ALL THOSE premises known as 

(hereinafter called "the premises") being part of the building known as together with the use of all the fixtures and fittings in the premises and together with the use in common with the Landlord and the tenants and occupiers of other portions of the said building of the entrance halls, passages, stairs and passenger lifts of the said building.

2. The Landlord lets and the Tenant takes the premises and also the fittings and fixtures in the premises for a period commencing from .........................
to the ...................... at a calendar monthly rental of Singapore Dollars (S$........) payable monthly in advance free from all deductions, the first of such monthly payment to be made on or before and subsequent payments on the .....day of each calendar month.

3. The Tenant shall also make a deposit with the Landlord for the sum of Singapore Dollars (          ) equal to (  ) months' Rent on the signing of this Agreement, which shall be refundable without interest to the Tenant at the end of the tenancy subject to any claims that the Landlord may have against the Tenant. The said refund shall be made no later than fourteen (14) days after the expiry of the Tenancy or surrendering of the premises, whichever is the earlier and shall not be deemed to be treated as payment of the Rent or any part thereof.

4.  The Tenant hereby agrees with the Landlord as follows:

    1. To pay the Rent at the time and in the manner as aforesaid.
    2. To pay all existing, future and hire charges for the supply of water, electricity, sewer fees, gas, telephone equipment or appliances supplied by the Singapore Cable Vision Ltd, Power Supply Ltd, Singapore Telecoms and Singapore Radio & Television Licences to the said premises and will not permit their removal or exchange without the written consent of the Landlord.
    3. To keep the interior of the premises and the fixtures and fittings therein in good and tenantable repair and condition, reasonable fair, wear and tear excepted.
    4. Not to carry on any trade, business or profession upon the premises but to use the same for dwelling purposes only.
    5. Not to do or permit or suffer to be done on the premises any act or thing which shall be illegal or immoral or may be an annoyance or a nuisance to the Landlord or to the occupiers of any adjoining premises.
    6. Not to hack any holes or drive anything whatsoever into the walls or to have any hole into the ceiling without first having obtained the consent in writing of the Landlord except anything reasonably done to hang pictures, painting and the like.
    7. Not to hang any clothing, linen or materials for drying purposes over the front balcony wall or in or around the common staircases, verandah, common corridor areas and over the windows and doors.
    8. Not to assign, sublet or part with the possession of the premises or any part thereof without the prior written consent of the Landlord, such consent however not to be unreasonably withheld in the case of a respectable and responsible person, firm or corporation.
    9. To pay for any damage caused to the Landlord’s property by the Tenant’s children, servants or agents within the premises.
    10. To permit the Landlord and its agents or servants to enter the premises by prior appointments at all reasonable hours in the day time for the purpose of viewing the condition thereof.
    11. Not to carry out any structural alteration to the premises.
    12. To yield up the premises at the end of the tenancy or sooner determination of the tenancy with all additions (if any) thereto and the Landlord’s fixtures and fittings therein in good and tenantable repair and condition, fair, wear and tear excepted.
    13. To observe and comply with all Rules and Regulations laid down by the Management Corporation of the in accordance with the Land Titles (Strata) Act (Chapter 158).
    14. To indemnify the Landlord for any infringement by the Tenant of any Statute, Rule, Order, Regulation or Bye-Law relating to environmental health, sanitation, drainage, plumbing and sewerage.
    15. During the Two (2) months immediately preceding the determination of the term created, to permit any prospective tenant accompanied by the Landlord or their agents to view the premises at reasonable hours of the day by prior appointment for the purpose of re-letting or at any time in the event of a possible sale.
    16. In the event the Landlord is successful in selling the premises, the sale of the premises shall be subject to this Tenancy herein and the transfer of the security deposit hereunder to the new owner. The Landlord shall also inform the Tenant as accordingly in writing in the event of such a sale.

    17. To regularly maintain and service the air-conditioners. In case of replacement due to fair, wear and tear, the Landlord to bear the costs thereof.
    18. To accept directions given by or on behalf of the Landlord from time to time in respect of the use of the air-conditioners and in particular not to over-use or improperly use the air-conditioners or turn on the air-conditioners continuously for twenty-four (24) hours without allowing for sufficient periods of cessation in between.
    19. To provide and replace electric bulbs at Tenant’s own costs.
    20. To be responsible for all minor repairs and routine maintenance of the premises, after the first month of lease, up to an amount of Singapore Dollars One Hundred Only (S$100.00) per outgoing throughout the term of the said lease. However, if such single repair exceeds S$100.00, the Landlord shall be responsible for full amount of such repairs and/or replacements.

5.  The Landlord hereby agrees with the Tenant as follows:

    1. To pay all rates, taxes, assessments, maintenance charges and outgoing payable in respect of the premises.
    2. That the Tenant paying the Rent and observing and performing all his obligations under this Agreement may quietly enjoy the premises without any interruption by the Landlord or any person so authorised.
    3. To maintain and keep in tenantable repair and condition the interior and exterior of the premises including without limitation to the ceilings, structure and external walls of the premises and keep all wiring and cables, sewage and sanitary pipes and other fixtures serving the premises in good and tenantable repair and condition and to bear the costs of repairs and replacement when necessary, except repairs / replacement arising out of the negligence/ misuse of the tenant, the occupant, his invitees and agents.
    4. To insure the premises (except for furniture, fittings, appliances, personal belongings and valuables) against loss and damage by fire and to pay all necessary premiums punctually.

6.  PROVIDED ALWAYS and it is hereby agreed as follows: 

    1. If the Rent hereby reserved or any part thereof or any money payable by the Tenant to the Landlord hereunder shall at any time remain unpaid for the Fourteen (14) days after the same shall have become due (whether any formal or legal demand thereof shall have been made or not) then the Tenant shall pay to the Landlord in additions to such rent or money, interests at prevailing local bank’s rate on such rent or on such money from the date on which such money falls due for payment to the date on which such money is paid to or recovered by the Landlord as the case may be.
    2. Nothing contained herein shall restrict limit or prejudice any right power or remedy of the Landlord in respect of such money or rental in arrears.

      If any rent shall be in arrears for Fourteen (14) days whether legally demanded or not or if the Tenant shall cease to occupy the said premises or shall commit any breach of his obligations under this Agreement or commit any act of bankruptcy or being a Company shall be wound up (not being consequential upon any Amalgamation or Reconstruction) then the Landlord may re-enter unto and upon and take possession of the said premises and thereupon the tenancy hereby created shall determine but without prejudice to any remedy of the Landlord for any antecedent breach by the Tenant of any of the provision hereof.
    3. The Management Corporation of shall have the right at any time and from time to time make, add, amend, cancel or suspend such Rules and Regulations in respect of the premises and / or said building as maybe required for the use, management, safety, care or cleanliness of the said building or any part thereof, or for the preservation of good order therein, or for the convenience of its tenants and all such Rules and Regulations shall bind all tenants.
    4. The Tenant shall be responsible for and shall indemnify the Landlord against all damage occasioned to the premises or any part of the said building or any adjacent or neighbouring premises or to any person caused by any act, default or negligence of the Tenant or its servants, agents or invitees.
    5. The Landlord shall not be responsible for any injury or personal losses of the tenant, his invitees and agents resulting from any fire, theft or robbery or any other incident within the premises or the said building.
    6. The stamp fees for this Agreement in duplicate and any renewal thereof shall be borne by the Tenant.
    7. In case the premises or any part thereof shall at any time during the said tenancy be destroyed or damaged by fire, lighting, riot, explosion or any other inevitable cause so as to be unfit for occupation and use, then and in every such case (unless the insurance money shall be wholly or partially irrecoverable by reason solely or in part of any act or default of the tenant) the rent hereby reserved or a just and fair proportion thereof as according to the nature and extent or of the damage sustained shall be suspended and cease to be payable in respect of any period while the said premises shall continue to be unfit for occupation and use by reason of such damage and any dispute with reference to this proviso shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Act (Chapter 10) or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force.
    8. In case of the said premises shall be destroyed and damage as in Clause 6 (g) herein either party shall be at liberty by notice in writing to determine the tenancy hereby created and upon such notice to be given the term hereby granted shall absolutely cease and determine but without prejudice to any right of action of the Landlord in respect of any antecedent breach of this Agreement by the Tenant.
    9. Any dispute concerning this Tenancy Agreement shall be determined by a single arbitrator in accordance with the arbitration laws of the Republic of Singapore.

7. Any notice required under this Agreement shall be sufficiently served if it is sent by post in a registered letter addressed to the Tenant or the Landlord or other person or persons to be served by name at their address specified herein or if left at the last known place of abode or business. A notice sent by registered letter shall be deemed to be given at the time when it ought in due course of post to be delivered at the address to which it is sent.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have hereunto set their hands the day and year first above written.


for and on behalf of the Landlord

in the presence of :




for and on behalf of the Tenant

in the presence of :