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Orange TanchoAll the tranquility and mystery that is associated with the East is evident in the grace and patterns of champion Koi.

 Their striking appearance and gentle manner have made Koi incredibly popular among pond owners the world over.

One look at these full-color photos and you'll see why Koi are so sought after. Their brilliant colors and gleaming combinations make them mesmerizing objects for any pond., and their friendly nature makes them affectionate pets, even coming up to the surface for kisses. This is the definitive source on caring for these intriguing fish and the waters in which they swim.

Colored carp all descended from the wild carp which probably originated in Persia. Wild carp are called "Koi" in Japanese. Later on the tem "koi" was applid to all carpk both the wild and the colored. The Japanese now have a special word for wild carp which is "Magoi."  Colored and inbred Magoi are called Koi. Those Koi which have been bred for color are called "Nishikigoi." Many Japanese use the word "Koi" to indicate wild carp. However, the terms "Koi" has taken on a secondary meaning in most of the world. "Koi," to most of the English speaking world, means the colored carp which the Japanese refer to as the "Nishikigoi." More can be found here.

Here, I will share with you a wealth of straightforward, hands-on advice, along with tips from Koi owners across the Asia regions. Learn more than just how to create a healthy pond, but what lies beneath it in order to keep it that way. Know the pitfalls before they happen, and see how to circumvent them entirely.

Many advice from veteran koi keepers on what to look for when buying, right down to conditions in the store and what type of net should be used. You will even find tips on what to do if your fish jump out of the holding container.

Detailed and easy-to-grasp information on topics such as what foods to feed at different water temperatures, understanding bio-filtration, wet-dry trickle filter system, and more, guarantees many years of success for your Koi.

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