Treatment, Recovery,and theVaccine

1. The Treatment (Click Here)
2. Recovery (Click Here)
3. The Vaccine (Click Here) 

1. The Treatment:

(Please note that much of this section is not easily comprehensible without some degree of biological knowledge.)

Side effects of Lymphoblastoid Alpha-Interferon Therapy:

2. Recovery:

3. The Vaccine:

Vaccination Categories:
1. Adults and Infants who are not infected (Click Here)
2. Adults who are just infected (Click Here)
3. Infants born by infected or carrier mothers  (Click Here)

For more information on hepatitis B vaccination, and to view a comprehensive table of the various vaccination categories, Click Here!

1. Adults who are not infected:

2. Adults who are just infected:

3. Infants born by infected or carrier mothers:

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