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BE  KIND TO PETS  - community education sponsored by  
Knowing the 2-hour-limit to get Emergency Caesarean saved all 5 Chihuahua pups and mother. toa payoh vets 5 Schnauzer pups would have died if there was another hour of delay to seek Caesarean delivery.
78.  A successful breeder knows that his Chihuahua needs an emergency Caesarean if there is no birth around 2 hours of labour pains.  5 vigorous puppies. 77.  Placentas of first 2 pups entangled in uterine horn. Another hour's delay to seek an emergency Caesarean means all puppies would be dead. 
Canine parvovirus in a Jack Russell puppy vaccinated once Miniature Schnauzer - small pelvis and vagina. Caesarean.
76.  Parvoviruses kill puppies if they don't have antibodies or are vaccinated too late.  75. No delay this time. Early case, sole pup was born dead due to protracted labour. This time, the breeder is careful not to wait past 2 hours of labour pains. Vigorous pups cried on taking out of womb. Should live to past 6 weeks. 
Saddest looking Beagles for sale,
74. Home based - Success story
73. Daddy's Internet Beagle for the P.S.L.E. girl
Miniature Schnauzer - sudden onset non-stop crying. Recumbent. Toa Payoh Vets Diverse breeds of kittens for sale, Pets' Station
72.  The puppy cried non-stop and was unable to stand up. It had acute chest pains. Traumatic injury possible. 71. Young felines know how to defend themselves
Schnauzer very itchy - Schnauzer skin bumps Dwarf hamster - anterior chamber of eye - bleeding.
70. Schnauzer bumps are skin infections.  Consult your vet promptly. Readers, email your feedback & experiences to   69. What caused the bleeding inside the left eye? Readers, email your feedback & experiences to  
Gum tumour in Alaskan Malamute, Purplish-blue faced mini-maltese and runny nose after Caesarean, now normal.
68. What caused the hard lump below the molar in this Alaskan Malamute?  Readers, email your feedback & experiences to   67. Mini-Maltese sometimes have large pups. Do not delay seeking Emergency Caesareans as the pups drown in amniotic fluid.  
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