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March-April 2004

Large belly_Chihuahua_crossed_JackRussell_asiahomes
Miniature Schnauzer_first_pregnancy_vaginal_birth_asiahomes Chihuahua_57th_day_waterbag_seen_Caesarean_asiahomes
Shetland. Large pups, need 2nd Caesarean. Dystocias are emergencies. Don't change vets at the last minute.
  Apr 13 04. Don't change vets at the last minute. Birth difficulties are emergencies.  Every second counts. Know the fees before you need a Caesarean!
Dystocia, one uterine horn with 5 pups, the other empty. French Bulldog. Caesarean.

Apr 12 04. Case 1. The veterinary surgeon's signature is wanted, not the vaccination. Case 2.  Should the puppy be operated after vaccination?

Apr 11, 04. STAY AT HOME from day 58 to watch over the bitch.  If she can't give birth after 2 hours, go for Caesarean to save all pups.
Entropion in Shar-pei,
Apr 8 04. Shar-Pei entropion and other stories.
Best age to spay a cat - 6 months old. Placenta of stillborn has softened, the other two placentas normal.
Apr 11 04. When can the outdoor cat get pregnant?  6 - 10 months old generally.  Apr 6 04. "Can my Chihuahua give birth naturally?" the home breeder asked the second time.
Uterine inertia in a Shih Tzu with 2 pups. Caesarean, Toa Payoh Vets 8 weeks old. Diarrhoea 2 days. Fainted past midnight.
Apr 5 04. No puppy after 3.5 hours. What to do? Where is your surgery? Change of dog feed may cause vomiting and diarrhoea in some puppies and even adult dogs but not all.


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