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08 February, 2016
  Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits
Be Kind To Pets Veterinary Educational Videos -
Final Videos
1120. Final Video: A 54th-day pregnant Pomeranian gave birth naturally 24 hours after Theracalcium IV
1071. Final Video: How to handle a pet rat
1064. Final Video: A 15-month-old dwarf hamster has a gigantic elbow tumour and a successful leg amputation
1063. Final Video: How Toa Payoh Vets performed a  a Caesarean Section in a Maltese and follow-up
1062. Final Video: Dr Sing K Y follows up on 5 Caesarean sections done at Toa Payoh Vets from Nov 2015 to Jan 2016.
1061. Final Video: Interns making a Be Kind To Pets Video guidelines
1060. Final Video: A tarsorrhapy and 3rd eyelid flap saved this old Silkie's eyeball as the first vet advised enucleation (eyeball removal)
1059. Final Video: A Chinese soft-shelled turtle is said to have "rectal prolapse" but it is penile injury
1058. Final Video: A 7-year-old Miniature Schnauzer has a rare case of a gigantic inguinal hernia with srangulated uterus
1056B Final Video: Surgical treatment of a terrapin's gigantic ear abscess
1055A. Final Video: A Chinese soft-shelled turtle is said to have "rectal prolapse" but it is penile injury
1046. Final Video: A rabbit has knee lumps caused by the boarding operator?
1037. Final Video: How to sedate a ferocious cat for neuter. How to use a gas anaesthetic machine.
1036. Final Video: A 13-year-old Siberian Husky has a vertical ear canal ablation surgery to remove the smelly ear tumour
1025. Final Video: Diagnosis & treatment of 4 sick guinea pigs at Toa Payoh Vets
972. Educational Video: How to treat very smelly Labradoodle ears
815. Final Video: A Cavalier King Charles has left hip dislocation
814. Final Video: A cat has difficulty peeing after boarding for 5 days
813. Final Video: An old Jack Russell has lacrimal cyst, black nasal tumour and thick tartar on the back teeth
811. Final Video: Post-op. Excellent outcome 3 months after vertical ear canal ablation for a hairy-eared Minature Schnauzer
810. Final Video: A biting cat has left backside hair loss - anal sac impaction under sedation
776. Final Video: A roborovski has crusty skin from bite wounds
775. Final Video: Carnassial tooth abscess in a 13-year-old dog
774. Final Video: Frenum polyps and cysts in a 14-year-old Maltipoo
772. Final Video: A Cavalier King Charles dislocates his left hip
766. Final Video: Priapism in an old Syrian Hamster
754. Educational Video: How to collect blood from the jugular vein in the dog or cat
753. Educational Video: How to clean the guinea pig's ears
717. Final Video: A rabbit has fever
716. Final Video: A 10-year-old Pomeranian has testicular neoplasia
715. Final Video: Swinging a respiratory-distressed puppy after Caesarean section
714. Final Video: White spots on a terrapin's shell
713. Final Video: Microchipping a dog in Singapore
712. Final Video: Urethral obstruction in a young male Miniature Schnauzer
711. Final Video: Floppy-eared dogs have ear infections
632. Final Video: A right hind leg wart excised in a dwarf hamster
631. Final Video: Know your veterinary anatomy - Myanmar language
630. Final Video: Know your veterinary anatomy - mastectomy - English language
629. Final Video: Practise evidence-based medicine
628. Final Video: Follow up: The cat had bladder and urethral stones removed and goes home
627. Final Video: Speed, accuracy and completeness in Surgery
626. Final Video: Personal decisions in your veterinary career
625. Final Video: Patient Safety is top priority in Toa Payoh Vets
624. Final Video: Eyelid abscess treatment inn dwarf hamsters
602. Final Video: Vertical ear canal ablation surgery in a Miniature Schnauzer with chronic ear infections
456. Video: Final. A guinea pig has a bloated stomach
455. Video: Final. A Syrian Hamster dam has hypocalcaemia
454. Video: Final. How dental scaling is done in an old Chihuahua at Toa Payoh Vets
420A. Video: An appreciation of thanks from the owners of the head-tilting Schnauzer
275. Final Video: The Schnauzer ate chocolates - poisoning.
175. Final Video: A cat has breast cancer Pt 1
127. Final Video: A skin lump in the Schnauzer's tail
126. Final Video: A Shih Tzu has open pyometra
125. Final Video: How to clean the post-op skin wound in a dwarf hamster
124. Final Video: An itchy Dachshund has black spots
67. Final Video: A Golden Retriever has nose cancer
66. Final Video: An old Pom has a massive perineal hernia
65. Final Video: A dwarf hamster impacted her cheek pouch 3 times
64. Final Video: Abscess in a dog and a rabbit
Final Video: Open pyometra in a Golden Retriever
Final video: Tail docking in puppies
Final Video: Ringworm fluorescence
Final video: Dental scaling in an old Sheltie
Final video: Elective caesarean section poodle at 64th day
Final video: After caesarean section
Final video: Backside hair loss in a cat
Final video: A Chow Chow has seizures
Final video: A dwarf hamster has impacted pouch again
Video: Vertical Ear Canal Ablation in a Husky
Video: Lateral Ear Canal Resection
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