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14 January, 2016
  Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits
Archived Case Studies are at:  Be Kind To Pets
1057. Blog: Rectal prolapse and penile injury in turtles
1056. Video: The male Chinese soft-shelled turtle recovers from anaesthesia
1055A. Final Video: A Chinese soft-shelled turtle is said to have "rectal prolapse" but it is penile injury
1055. Video: Purse-string suture done on turtle Pt 4
1054. Video: Turtle under anaesthesia Pt 3
1053. Video: Turtle ready for gas anaesthesia Pt 2
1052. Video: Chinese soft-shelled turtle's "rectal lprolapse" Pt 1
1051. Video; How to treat a terrapin's ear abscess - Pt 2
1050. Video: A 6-month-old terrapin has ear abscess Pt 1
1049. Video: A 13-year-old male not neutered Silkie has circum-anal tumours - Tardak injection
1048. Video: A rare case of strangulated uterus in an inguinal hernia and bladder stone in a 7-year-old Schnauzer
1047. Video: A pet parrot has runny eyes
1046. Final Video: A rabbit has knee lumps caused by the boarding operator?
1045B. Blog: Saving the Silkie's eyeball
1045A. Final Video: A tarsorrhapy and 3rd eyelid flap saved this old Silkie's eyeball as the first vet advised enucleation (eyeball removal)
1045. Video: 10 days after 3rd eyelid flap and tarsorrhaphy 2/2
1044. Video: 10 days after sewing up eyelids - corneal ulcer heals well 1/2
1043. Video: Stitching the dog's eye - 3rd eyelid flap and tarsorrhaphy
1042. Video: 4 types of surgery for deep corneal ulceration
1041. Video: Gas mask before tarsorrhaphy
1040. Video: Eye surgery: 3rd eyelid flap and tarsorrhaphy
1039. Video: Pre-op.Old dog given gas by mask and then intubated for corneal ulcer surgery
1038. Video: Pre-op. How to treat a deep corneal ulcer surgically?
1037. Final Video: How to sedate a ferocious cat for neuter. How to use a gas anaesthetic machine.
1036. Final Video: A 13-year-old Siberian Husky has a vertical ear canal ablation surgery to remove the smelly ear tumour
1035. Blog: An artificial eyeball for a pug with deep corneal ulcer
1034. Video: Rabbit 5/6 front teeth extracted Pt 5
1033. Video: Rabbit tooth extraction Pt 4
1032. Video: Anaesthesia Pt 3
1031. Video: Anaesthesized for front tooth extraction Pt 2
1030. Video: A 1-year-old rabbit has front teeth extracted under gas anaesthesia Pt 1
1029. Video: A rabbit has a wound between shoulders - not ringworm
1028. Video: A 5-year-old poodle has very painful ears for past 2 years - a solution

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