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21 May 2010   
Hydrotherapy is useful for many people who don't have time to exercise and run several km or practise yoga and other relaxation techniques. The SG 2000 produces vigorous water bubbles to stimulate active blood stimulation of the muscles. With the use of aromatherapy, there is a de-stressing effect.  
  SG 2000 spa tubs are available for apartments without bath tubs
  Various positions to use the SG 2000 in hydro-therapy. Regular or daily hydrotherapy with the SG 2000 will give you a healthier and younger appearance as you achieve a smooth facial complexion. Looks may be important for older career people and the SG 2000 is useful in this aspect  
  SG 2000 produces strong massage bubbles to promote active blood circulation and warm the bones. Those with painful knees or joints or strained neck muscles find it very useful.
Foot massage bath bucket is meant for tired feet after long hours of standing. Toddlers must be hand-held as the floor mat has grooves which may trap the feet. Some people who buy crates of fruits use it to rinse fruits prior to making fruit juices for the family. Others use it to provide cleaning of their dog's injured or infected paws and feet.   
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