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Last updated: 11 Oct 2000

THE SUMMIT.  Research supported by Asiahomes

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The Summit, low density, low rise condos in East Coast

Upper East Coast Road. Freehold. Completed 1994. 242 units.
2-bedroom: 77-117 sq. m
3-bedroom: 115-155 sq. m
Penthouse: 346 sq. m.

Interior: Ceramic tiles. Bedroom: Parquet. 


Oct 7 00: $3,000 condos in East Coast and downtown.  Competitors of The Summit.

Sep 30 00: The Summit 3+1 $2,800 & others
The Summit has a tranquil ambience

Big swimming pool, children's pool, jacuzzi in spacious pool area, tennis court, 24-hour security, indoor playground, squash court. Multi-storey car park. 

Has a unique above car park spacious lawn for barbecue and entertaining friends. A tranquil residential ambience.  The disadvantage is that you don't get marble tiled flooring in the living and dining area. The advantage is that it is low rise.    


The rental rates are retained for other surfers to refer to as we often get email queries to send listings on rentals for 1 or 2-bedroom.  Rentals depend on negotiations but are generally $2,000 or less for a 2-bedroom in the East Coast as at October 11, 2000.

Email from an expatriate surfer in March 1999.
I am currently looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartments preferably partly or unfurnished within the East Coast area. I will be arriving in Singapore at the end of April 99 and will be looking at taking occupation at that time. The main criteria would be size. I would also like pool and tennis court amenities within the complex. Would you please forward any listing via email g...@hotmail.com Thank you

The list below was emailed. The list is retained for reference.  Rentals have not gone up much in October 11, 2000. The one-bedroom condo downtown like the new River Place Condo in Havelock Road rents from $3,000 - $3,500. Therefore, rentals in East Coast cannot move up higher than those new condos in downtown.

Condo in East Coast Rent
Jan - Mar 99
Area 1 or 2
LANDBAY 2200 970 2+1
THE BAYSHORE 3000 1,000 2+1
BAYSHORE PARK 2000 1,000 2
THE BAYSHORE 2500 1,012 2+1
CHANGI GREEN 1500 900 2
THE BAYSHORE 3000 1,000 2
THE TANAMERA 2000  958 2
THE BAYSHORE 2100 950 2+1
THE BAYSHORE 2000 1,012 2+1
THE BAYSHORE 1800 947 2+1
THE BAYSHORE 2300 958 2+1
THE BAYSHORE 2800 1,012 2+1
CHANGI GREEN 1800 1,000 2
THE BAYSHORE 2500 1,012 2
THE BAYSHORE 3000 1,200 2
EASTERN LAGOON 1800 1,000 2
BAYSHORE PARK 2000 1,100 2
EASTERN LAGOON 1800 1,077 2+1
THE BAYSHORE 2600 1,000 2+1
THE BAYSHORE 2800 947 2
BAYSHORE PARK 1500 956 2
THE BAYSHORE 2500 958 2+1
THE BAYSHORE 2900 1,011 2
THE BAYSHORE 2900 1,011 2
THE SUMMIT 1800 1,000 2+1
CHANGI CT 1500 1000  2
THE BAYSHORE 2500 1,012 2+1
STRATFORD CT 2200 1,000 2+1
BAYSHORE PARK 1500 956 2
THE BAYSHORE 2300 980 2+1
THE BAYSHORE 2500 926 2+1
BAYSHORE PARK 1900 936 2
EASTERN LAGOON 1400 1,100 2
CHANGI GREEN 2000 900 2
BAYSHORE PARK 1700 956 2
THE BAYSHORE 2000 997 2
THE BAYSHORE 2000 947 2+1
THE BAYSHORE 2000 926 2+1
RIVIERA CT 3100 1,600 2+1
BAYSHORE PARK 1400 936 2
BAYSHORE PARK 2000 956 2
THE BAYSHORE 2000 965 2
CHANGI GREEN 1800 1,000 2+1
CHANGI GREEN 1500 870 2
CASCADALE CONDO 2000 1,141 2+1

Update:  Situation in October 10, 2000.
Rentals for the older one and two-bedroom condos in the East Coast remain about the same. The 2-bedroom in the newer Costa Rhu condos have gone up to around $3,000.  Many more condos have been released in 1999.

Comments made in April 1999:

1998's favourite brand new condos were Pebble Bay, Costa Rhu and The Makena. The first two have riverfront condos while the last one has sea views. Occupancy is over 90% in the above mentioned condos and rent for a 2-bedroom varies from $2,500 if there are good units with waterfront views. A shuttle bus contracted by the Costa Rhu Management takes about 10 minutes to reach Suntec City and Raffles Place.

The Bayshore and Melville Park Condos had a difficult time attracting tenants and rents in these units have had fallen to as low as S$1500 for a 2-bedroom unit in Melville Park Condo which is merely a 8-minute walk to the Simei subway. Construction near the Bayshore affected the rentability of the units.

The Eastpoint Condo and Stratford Court Condos are the new kids, being around one month old as at March 1999, while Laguna Green and Landbay Condos are less than one year old. There are small new condos off Bedok Road and near Stratford Court. Kew Green and Kew Gate cluster housing do attract some expats who want houses with communal pool and condo facilities.

The older Mandarin Gardens Condo do not have the marble flooring and Landlords have had renovated some units and offer much lower rent. However, many units have panoramic sea views from the balconies. The over 10 year old Bayshore Park Condo next to the Bayshore has been ignored by most expats although some units have big balconies and sea views. Some units are not rentable due to active construction of a condo nearby. The old favourite Waterside suffers from a loss of tenants, partly due to older age and a lack of balconies which seem to entice Caucasian expats like moths to a candle.

Water frontage, new development and balconies seem to be the winning formulae in getting Tenants in the East Coast. Some balconies like those in The Makena are too small to put a table and a chair or a barbecue set, but the sea view and beautiful big pool magnetise the younger expats. The Pebble Bay Condos have been most favoured by Caucasians in 1998. 1999 may bring some surprises in ranking. There is a great interest in buying condos in March 1999 as prices have had bottomed out apparently.

2-bedroom condos now rent for as low as $1,400 for older units but new ones with good water views and high floor still command a premium. The ones near the subway are The Melville Park Condos (Simei subway), the Tanamera (Tanamera subway) and the brand new Stratford Court (Tanamera subway). Older ones like the Astoria Park (Kembangan subway) have great difficulties finding Caucasian tenants.

There are few 1-bedroom or studio units in good condos in the East Coast. Eastern Lagoon's open kitchen concept one-bedroom do rent out easily but rents must be lower than the new ones.

Many of these condos are described in Asia USA Realty's website at Subdivision Listings at URL: Subdivision listings


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